The first diesel-electric submarines for the Vietnamese Navy launched the St. Petersburg

On the "Admiralty Shipyards" was launched on the head export diesel-electric submarine project 636.1 for foreign customers, as part of the defense order will be set up six such submarines, told the St. Petersburg shipyard. Submarine Project 636 refers to the third generation diesel-electric submarines. It was designed by CDB ME "Rubin" and is a modification of the famous "Varshavyanka" Project 877, known worldwide for its high-performance characteristics. Project 877 submarines in NATO classification given the designation Kilo, a submarine of project 636 NATO classified respectively as "Improved Kilo» (Improved Kilo). With very low noise NATO experts call them "black hole in the ocean." Submerged displacement boats 636 project is 3.1 thousand tons, the maximum depth — 300 m, submerged speed — 20 knots, their autonomy — 45 days. These submarines are armed with six torpedo tubes 533 mm, which can also be used for mine laying and launching cruise missiles, ITAR-TASS reported.

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