The first domestic production for the production of nano-earned in Lviv


This equipment Ukrainian specialists produce products coated in a millionth of a millimeter. And it’s size from one to hundreds of atoms. Until now, only the Ukrainians working in the area close to the nano microfabrication.

"We can not say that we can catch up with the world in the field of microelectronics. Therefore, in order to engage prospective science and industry, it is necessary to keep up with the times, and we decided not to revive the microelectronics and nanotechnology start doing in Ukraine ", — said General Director of the Research and Production Concern" Nauka ", Sergey Larkin.

On the arrangement of nanotech production spent more than five million dollars. Half of the funds given state. This contribution has not only allowed to create in Ukraine-the-art production, but also put the country in a number of technologically advanced states.

"With this step, Ukraine demonstrates its potential international investors — this option allows you to create a variety of products in the field of energy efficiency in the field of mobile and satellite communications, it is — an extremely large markets," — says the Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for Management of State Corporate Rights and Property, Alexander Shubin.

Work on the most modern equipment mastered Ukrainian specialists. Team, along with senior scientists employ graduates of local universities. Graduate student of the University "Lviv Polytechnic" and at the same time, production engineer Rostislav Krupovsky said a few years ago could not imagine visiting Lviv such equipment. Now he has to control the chemical cleavage reaction of the molecules. These new compounds at high temperatures create it — the hyperfine — nano coating.

"We based our samples can make solar panels that will be used in satellites. Because they have a high efficiency due to the fact that achieve high accuracy ", — says technologist nanomanufacturing, Rostislav Krupovsky.

Today, nanotechnology is rapidly gaining market share. After ultra-thin material has improved properties than other materials. Already, nanotechnology successfully work in the space industry, telecommunications, construction, medicine. From now on the world market and will nanoproducts from the city. The company has already signed a contract for two and a half million dollars on the production of nano-products for the EU.

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