The first drone entered service traffic police near Moscow


The first unmanned aircraft, which allows air to detect unauthorized parking space, standing stolen vehicles, machinery Investigation entered service near Moscow traffic police on December 15.

"Today, near Moscow traffic police will test in action entered service drone aircraft — shestikopter. Traffic police earlier in order to see what the situation from the air, such devices are not used. There were only helicopters with inspectors and officers, who are not always able to fly where it may fly unmanned aircraft, and this technique leads suspected criminals themselves ", — Told in the press service of the traffic police.

The new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helicopter type is equipped with six rotors. Launch mass drone is about one kg with batteries. Range of the drone of about 5 kilometers, the maximum ceiling of about two kilometers. Device battery provides up to 50 minutes of flight.

Shestikopter equipped with a video camera or a camera with a transmission of video and still images to the operator on-line. First of all, it is effective in the search for machinery, heavy vehicles, trucks, and when searching in industrial zones.

The police have already given a mini-helicopter nickname Seraphim: "He has after all 6 screws, just like in the six-winged Seraphim."


"Shestikopter effective immediately after the theft. When you enter plan-intercept from the hijackers to go hard, they hide a vehicle that is in the sump of a month or two, and then interrupt number and leave ", — Explain in the department.

While the drone will be used in the test mode: "He will be actively used as we do, and in the other uniformed services. But the traffic police will be built additional software. " On shestikopter security forces are going to install a device called "Flow", which will be read and recognize the state registration numbers of vehicles.

Shestikopter designed, tested and prepared for small batch production in the interests of law enforcement AviaPort Russian company — LLC "Unmanned Systems" in 2010-2011.

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