The first factory in the Don Silicon Valley will earn this year

The first object, which the company "SILICON-IN-RU" launch in Gukovo, will be the production of crucibles, as well as specialty films for solar modules. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "SILICON-IN-RU" Sergei Nekhaev, the first new plant will produce by the end of this year.

"This is a stand-alone products that can not wait for the entire project and have good market prospects. For example, the film does not have analogues in the world. A need crucibles have countries such as Japan, Germany and China — they are ready to buy our products. These New industries will employ about 60 people, "- he explained.

According to Sergei Nekhaeva, total funding for the current year and at the beginning of the next will be about EUR 650 million. It will be built 5 buildings, which will be implemented 4 projects. This year will be commissioned equipment. Now there are geological survey and design work.

In general, the investment program "SILIKON-IN-RU", Calculated to 2016, involves the creation of the mining town of integrated production technology components for the solar industry. Production chain will include the development of mineral deposits (quartzite), the production of silicon metal, silicon production varying degrees of purification (monocrystalline and polycrystalline) silicon wafers, production of photovoltaic cells and modules to create their own energy facilities. According to the regional Ministry of Economic Development, the estimated amount of investment in the program is 46.9 billion rubles.

All objects of the investment "SILIKON-IN-RU" will be located in the territory of the newly established industrial park city Gukovo. "Today Gukovo changed boundary. She rooted land at the industrial park, which meets all the requirements," — said the Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov region Vladmir Bartenyev.


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