The first freight train on electricity went out Karymskaya to China

Open to traffic on electrified Karymskaya — Pewter Trans-Baikal Railway.
Today was an important event not only for the Trans-Baikal Road, but also for the entire network. The company has invested about 26 billion rubles. so that today we can say: a new life begins south of stroke. This will not only reduce our costs but also create a whole new environment for the transportation of goods, — said at the opening ceremony of the movement, Vladimir Yakunin.

A new life began here in 2005. By the time the Trans-Siberian Railway connecting China and South course no longer cope with the growing turnover between the countries. Then it was decided to make it a fully double-track and electrified.
— And in 2007 from Karymskaya to Zabaikalsk there was not a single-track section — it was built 218 km of the second track. Went on and straightening, for which the station had to break Saddle 50-meter cliff — the amount of excavation of 4.5 million cubic meters. 226 packed shooter, were developed stations — laid 51 km of station tracks. And also reconstructed operational locomotive depot Karymskaya. In the same year began and the electrification of the south course — said Gennady Talashkin, First Deputy General Director of JSC "RZDstroy" general contractor of reconstruction.

And her first phase has been completed — the electric trains can go from Karymskaya to Pewter. And it is almost 150 km. As the head of the Trans-Baikal Railway Sergei Ivanov, the total length of the contact network was 345 km.

Still, the electrification of the Karymskaya — Zabaykalsk — significant but not the final stage of this project. In 2012, the electrification of the will of the Tin to Greyhounds, and the first locomotive to go through 366 miles of Karymskaya to Zabaikalsk in 2013.

There is one more than the development of trade relations with China, a significant advantage of the reconstruction of the south course.
— In the area of construction is already created about a thousand jobs. And already this fact deserves huge thankyou to people who correctly assess the prospects of development of the region — the president of the company.

Satisfied and locals.
— I am very glad to pay attention to our station. If there still will establish a commuter, for example, will go from the train to the Tin Karymskaya will do great! — Shared pensioner Valery Potekhin.

The station Karymskaya Vladimir Yakunin also took part in the ceremony of laying a capsule in the foundation of the church on the forecourt. After that he opened in honor of a memorial builders — a 17-meter cross, set about one of the most problematic areas line — Peace on the pass.

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