The first harvest of the revived Severodvinsk agricultural complex

In January, the website published the news about the recovery of the agricultural complex of Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk region. Then the launch of a new gas boiler.


And in late March, appeared on the shelves of retail green onions grown in greenhouses Severodvinsk agricultural complex (formerly Plant "Greenhouse").  


In the near future the first crop of cucumbers. As after the repair will go into operation area of greenhouses will grow parsley, celery, dill and other herbs.

By June, the seedlings will be ready to flower. The range of species, subspecies and color will be a very large pelargonium, viola, petunia, Impatiens, marigolds, carnations, begonia, from new products — skhizantus. By the summer season and prepare seedlings of vegetables. 

Total for 2012 is planned to grow 617 tons. Although it is at times less than in the best years produced a "hothouse", but as they say, step is the hardest.   


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