The first house for the relocation of emergency housing built in Revda (Sverdlovsk region).

August 7, 27 Revdinskogo families received the keys to the 27-new apartments in the house on the street. Garden. Beautiful elegant three-story handsome $ 26 million rubles was built by the federal, provincial (big part) and municipal (17%) of funds under the resettlement program of old and dilapidated housing.

This is the first house built on the program. The developer — LLC "Ermak". Serve the new home will be the management company "HBC" (director Sergey Stepanov). In the new house will move residents barracks by Krylov, 45, Engels, 34, and Chernyshevsky, 149. The first two are still and will be demolished after the move, the second is long gone. In the new apartments — fully completed: wallpaper, soffits, sockets, bulbs, baths, toilet bowls, plates. Around the house — an asphalt path on the right is made convenient access, perimeter around — backfilled with fresh dark earth, probably, in the future will be to plant flowers.

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