The first hybrid power plant in Russia appeared in the Altay Nature Reserve

In the Altai Republic completed the construction of one of the world’s first self-contained solar-diesel power stations. The hybrid plant with a capacity of 100 kW is located in the village of Yaylyu replace outdated diesel generator and is designed for offline uninterrupted supply of electricity to the village. Its operation will reduce by 50 percent the annual consumption of diesel fuel.

Russian design combines the benefits of solar and diesel generation, as well as the latest advances in the field of energy storage and management systems, which allow the best to distribute the load between the photovoltaic system, drives and diesel generators.

The power plant was created by the budget of the Russian Federation, co-financing has fulfilled the company "Hevel" (a joint venture of the Group of companies "Renova" and "RUSNANO"). Work on the design and construction was carried out by companies, "Hevel", "Avelar Solar Technology" (part of "Renova"), "Solar Energy" (Altai Republic) and Physical-Technical Institute. AF Joffe, Russian Academy of Sciences. 

In the Altai Republic are not very own sources of power generation, electrical power is provided by overhead cables Bijskogo power unit. Experts note a permanent deficit of energy supply. The authorities have repeatedly talked about the need to develop alternative energy in the region.

The first hybrid — for the Altay

Stand-alone hybrid power plant (AGE), including solar modules and a diesel generator is controlled automatically. When sufficient solar energy, including diesel generator. According to specialists, the settlement will be supplied by 30-40% by solar energy, the rest — by the diesel generator. It is expected that the operation of the power plant will reduce by 50% the annual consumption of diesel fuel in an inaccessible village. The warranty period of installation — 25 years. Now power plant is under construction, is monitoring all technical parameters, and in June, the station will be opened officially.

"Machinery — German, the most advanced and high-quality solar panels on the market. Diesel generator — is also the most modern, quiet, in contrast to the previous generator that" rattled "by the whole village. Previously, residents Yaylyu, which together with the children, there are about 200 people , received electricity on schedule, the outage was the day — a few hours and all night, and now electricity will be around the clock. Moreover, as told by the residents themselves taiga settlement, the rate of payment for them has not changed, as well as throughout the country, he is 2 , 35 rubles per kilowatt "- explained the interlocutor.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Altai Republic Robert Paltaller, diesel-solar power plant on the type of the first in Russia. In addition, there is only so much an automatic power plant, which is capable of round the clock to provide power a whole village. On the basis of this station is expected to conduct research in the field of solar energy, the development of which is of great importance in isolated and remote areas of the power system.

"This is a platform on which we will prepare students for the specialty" Electrical Engineering ", here they will be trained on modern equipment" — promised rector of the Gorno-Altai State University Valery Babin.

Scientists believe that the installation of this hybrid power plant was the beginning of large-scale development and deployment of solar energy in Russia, primarily in the country’s most remote regions of electrical networks.

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