The first-in-class ship-fridge came in test flight

Early in the morning of October 6, the ship "DMN" — the first-in-class ship-fridge came from Salekhard in the first test flight in the Gulf of Ob. The vessel was built at the shipyards of Tyumen and Tobolsk to special order the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamal).

Together with the heads of all the municipalities in the region during the retreat of the Council of Heads of the governor of Yamal looked cold storage for 700 kilograms of single loading and 10 tons per day, everyday conditions for the command performance "heart" of the ship — the engine compartment and spoke to the captain and crew ship. Ahead of the "Numa" five days of testing the strength on specific criteria and assignments.

"The pace at which we got from Tobolsk to Salekhard, indicates a high margin of safety and capacity of the vessel. 20 km per hour were going. Proved to be excellent, "DMN" — said the governor captain Oleg Pidzhakov — "it shall be assigned the ice class that corresponds to his or her abilities, and even walking round the ice in 70 centimeters."

Assessing the ship equipment, Dmitry Kobylkin stressed that it was built to special order the autonomous region of adaptation for walking in the Arctic seas. Ship built in record time — in just 9 months. Energy on it so that it can support the livelihoods of a small village, but the governor assured that this possibility of the vessel will be used only for its intended purpose.

"I know this ship from the start. This first vessel on the Yamal Peninsula. Some do not believe that we can do it and be able to take 250 tons of fish at a time. Take no doubt. This ship will be the Taz Bay and Gydan ", — The governor told the Yamal"A year ago, flying over water areas, met with fishermen remote villages, saw the anguish in his eyes — they can and are ready to go fishing, but nowhere to sell. Now, such a possibility. The captain assured that "DMN" be able to reach St. Petersburg with our fish.

The vessel is the first but not the last. There is a desire to make a European ship class is even higher, certify it so that it quietly cruised along the Northern Sea Route and exported our fish. Thus we will be able to double the production, — the resources we have. And a huge number of jobs "- summed Dmitry Kobylkin.

It is expected that the fleet of this class on the Yamal Peninsula will add a year on one vessel. As for the leader, after tests in the Gulf of Ob ‘DMN’ leave for the winter, and on the opening of navigation in 2012 will be released in the first raid of fish load.

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