The first in Russia biovino started production in Kuban

The pioneer of environmentally friendly viticulture acted "Fanagoria" — one of the leading edge of the wine industry.
Sense of the idea that a bunch of amber, used to make biovino, since his landing is not processed chemistry from diseases and pests. With them are fighting the natural defenders of the berries — the bacteria and insects.

Movement biovina lovers in the world and very much themselves, these wines are extremely popular, though more expensive than usual. In Russia, however, refers to the pioneers who ventured into the brave "biological experiment."

Their wine under the telling title "BioLogik" Phanagoria made from white grapes for rare varieties of Kuban "Solaris" — this vine native of Germany. By "biological" took 17 acres of vineyards. Quite a bit, given the general area Phanagoria "Amber Gardens" — more than a thousand hectares.

The highlight is that this "Solaris" is not treated with herbicides and other drugs. Only the sun, earth and Taman … ladybugs. They are better than any chemicals to straighten out one of the main enemies of grapes — aphids!

While the company released a very small batch of biovina — only 20,000 bottles, it has already gained recognition abroad — in Italy.

In early July, held in Rome eighth official graduation ceremony «Biodivino-2011". This is a prestigious award among winemakers for the purity and quality of the drinks. Organizer of the ceremony is the Italian association "Chita del Bio", created to promote high-quality organic products. In addition to foreign drinks, took part in the ceremony and Kuban wine "BioLogik."

A few days ago to hand company director Peter Romanishina certificate of participation in the exhibition and awarding high scores guilt, especially come to Taman known sommelier — the founder of the movement «Slow Food» Flavio Akornero and a representative of the Italian-Russian investment company «MBT Consulting» Michele Brust.

— Phanagoria — this is a wonderful example of how a Russian can make wine of European quality — said Michele Brust.

And Flavio Akornero, after delivery of the diploma Director Phanagoria not resist once again tasted "BioLogik":

— This wine has a pleasant fruity aroma, — he told reporters. — At the finish — shades of apple, pineapple and banana. Very good wine!

"BioLogik" — the first not only in the Kuban region, but also in Russia Biological wine. Journalists were shown and an amazing vineyard from which it begins, and the whole process of his "birth". And, of course, had a tasting exquisite comment Kuban and Italian sommelier.

The director of "Phanagoria" Peter Romanishyn told reporters who were present at delivery of the certificate that the recognition of the first domestic biovina at the international level the more valuable that our country is not there yet, even the production standard of this product.

— The first attempt did not come out lumpy — he shared the experience of the evaluation of the Italian wine experts. — "BioLogik" — a decent wine. It does not need a long exposure, as some expensive wine, its main feature — a natural purity. After the processing of grapes does not use chemical substances.

Producers promise that if fans of "BioLogik ‘liking, the company will begin production of dry red biovina already. And it is important that the Kuban biovino, as promised, will remain available to mainstream consumers at a price. And "Fanagoria" is getting ready to deliver a new "drink of the Gods" in many regions of Russia.

No, you can not say that the traditional wine for which Kuban regularly receives awards in Europe, contain something harmful chemical — every pass rigorous quality control. But, you see, sometimes still want a squeaky clean!

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