The first paper of New Koryazhma

In Koryazhma (Arkhangelsk Oblast) new paper machine "Ilim Group", built in the framework of the investment project "Big Korjazhma", released its first paper.

In the coming weeks, the art of "Ilim Group" with the support of experts and representatives of International Paper Company-suppliers of equipment, will jointly provide access to the full performance of the machine and to the required quality parameters of products. As a result, the Russian market will soon begin delivery of new high-quality offset and copy paper.

"Most Korjazhma" — a project worth $ 270 million — includes the construction of a new paper machine, coater, a new plant leaf paper, a new plant chemically precipitated chalk, a number of infrastructure projects. Construction began in the summer of PM in 2011 at the production site of the branch "Ilim Group" Koryazhma.

As a result of the implementation of the project started in Koryazhma most modern Russian paper machine, which will produce more than 150,000 tons of office paper. Since the summer of 2013 the company will start producing 70,000 tonnes of coated woodfree paper per year, making the group the first and only Russian manufacturer of this product. The project was approved by the Board of Directors of "Ilim Group" June 30, 2010 and has the status of a priority investment project in forest development.

The company’s management has expressed its satisfaction with the progress of the project.

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