The first participant in the outer cluster Skolkovo

Member Zvorykinsky project Dmitry Kislenko from Omsk — the author of the "Ground infrastructure Glonass / GPS solutions for high-precision positioning tasks," one of the first resident of the cluster "Space technology and telecommunications" Skolkovo. Author of the project has high hopes for cooperation with Skolkovo.

"Our development strategy accurately reflect the policy of the Skolkovo Foundation, and the direction of our research and development — from Forsyth (look ahead) space cluster. We expect the financial and non-financial support for the project Skolkovo. Also, we want together with the business school Skolkovo to form University of Science Technology of processing Glonass satellite measurements for precise positioning tasks " — Said Dmitry Kislenko.

Development of a young innovator is a set of hardware and software systems, as a result of the deployment of which the local area it is possible to determine the coordinates with high accuracy — up to several millimeters. Without the deployment of such infrastructure use positioning system GLONASS / GPS with an accuracy impossible.

At this point, the team of innovators Dmitry Kislenko has prototypes and alpha version of the software (software). By the end of 2013, the developers plan to create designs hardware and software, as well as to implement pilot projects.

A decisive role in the process of creating a well-functioning Russian innovation system plays Zvorykinsky project ( The purpose of the program — to enable young members of the intellectual elite of the country to realize their creative and scientific potential, to achieve material success through the commercialization of ideas and implementation of development as well as to gain public recognition.
Project program provides a broad set of tools for the development of innovation and bringing them to commercial realization. This is a variety of educational programs, internships abroad, legal support, to attract potential investors, and more. Zvorykinsky project includes several key events: change "Innovation and Technical Creativity" at Lake Seliger, Zvorykin Prize and National Youth Innovation Convention.

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