The first phase of construction of the Deep Space


JSC "Makeev State Rocket" together with JSC "Russian Space Systems" has completed the first stage of the creation of the Chelyabinsk area of information and measurement system, created as part of work on the development of the ground infrastructure for launch vehicles and spacecraft of the Federal Space Agency.

In the first step on the territory of JSC "Makeev State Rocket" contains tools command-measuring points: antenna "NS-3, 7" with a mirror diameter of 3.7 meters, telemetry station "Channel M", the hardware-software complex reception and transmission of telemetry data , operational and technical control panel, system time synchronization "Epsilon", multi-system and data used to gather information.

Created a set of technical tools is part of the Western Command and the measuring point from the ground automated control of spacecraft scientific and socio-economic purposes. The complex was named "Miass," in the near future it is planned for the involvement of the communication sessions with the international space station.
JSC "Makeev State Rocket" previously had experience in servicing spacecraft "Compass-2", inferring that it was done carrier rocket "Calm" from a submarine. Ongoing work will make maximum use of the knowledge and expertise of the company.
In the IV quarter of 2013 is scheduled to begin equipping of "Makeev State Rocket" command-and-measurement system with the Deep Space Network antenna, with a mirror diameter of 9.0 m, operating in S-band and provides not only the reception of telemetry data, but also the tasks control satellite groups, which will allow JSC "Makeev State Rocket" to be part of the main companies in the space industry in terms of navigation and measurement systems.

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