The first phase of construction of Yaya refinery finished!

October 9 in the Kuzbass launched the first phase Yaya refinery — is a unique strategic site for the Kuzbass economy and for the development of the fuel and energy complex of the country.   

Construction is the company "NEFTEKHIMSERVIS." In the first stage of construction invested about 16 billion rubles. Total investments — up to 2017 will be about 57 billion rubles.

Stage of commissioning will take several months, after which the first phase will reach its design capacity — 3 million tons of oil a year. The main products of the company at this stage will light fraction technological, process fuel and fuel oil M100.

By 2015 it is planned to reach full capacity — six million tons of oil a year with the depth of processing of 92%.


In fact, in the Kemerovo region, a new, vital industry that will ensure the Kuzbass own fuel, as it is today — the only way to keep the price of gasoline. The pump is started, the first oil has gone through the pipes. Stage of commissioning at Yaya refinery started. Very soon the Kuzbass will become the owner of its petroleum products: the gasoline and kerosene, and diesel fuel is petroleum coke. Every year, 6 million tons of valuable hydrocarbons. 

Victor Romachkin, director of production refinery Yaya: "After the collapse of the Soviet Union in my memory of this power plant first. There were smaller, but this was not. " 
The true extent of the plant are best seen from above. State of the State. Its power, its railway, 10 kilometers of internal roads, hundreds of kilometers of pipelines. The object of the international level. To plant a hand specialists from all over Russia and the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. But working at the plant will be mostly local talent. Andrei Shishkin life mined coal, but after the closure of the mine, decided to take up other black gold. And learned a new trade. 

Andrei Shishkin, Yaya refinery apparatchik "great prospects here, and with the introduction of the second phase will be even greater. Salary worthy. " 
Amazing and the pace of construction Yaya refineries. Typically, such a profile created plants for decades. This has grown in the open field for 4 years. 

Yuri Kushner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Neftehimservis": "This is a very complex building, with no help from the authorities, without the help of the administration of such a construction, no private entity can not master!". 

57 billion rubles spent on Yaya plant, turn into giant Kuzbass prospects. This is a 3 billion rubles annually to the regional budget. This development of the entire infrastructure of the north region and create new jobs. But the point is that the appearance of Yaya refinery would Kuzbass dictate pricing policy for petroleum products. Own production of fuel will reduce its cost by at least 10 percent. This will automatically lead to a similar reduction in the price of everything else. 

Aman Tuleyev, governor of the Kemerovo region: "I remember 4 years ago, this place — a wasteland. And here we have laid the symbolic stone. It was very difficult. On the one hand, we finally approach this idea, and on the other, it was the year 2008 — the beginning of the crisis, it was necessary to look for money and believe in each other. I’m CEO of Alexander Nikolayevich, Yuri Petrovich, they are us. The budget has given a guarantee for 2 billion rubles. 1st of all we have built over 4 years, and other plants are being built 10-11 years. What does this leave us? In the Kuzbass consume 3.5 million tons of oil (and dark and light). We carry over thousands of kilometers, the transportation component — 13-15 percent. Disturbed ecology. Thousands of tanks should be by year BeLAZ, Tipper, KrAZ not be without diesel. And now a beautiful plant, 1.5 million first phase, 450 new jobs, 1600 related professions. We provide economic security, and developed a new industry in the Kuzbass, petrochemicals. "  

Kemerovo region — the largest consumer of oil in Siberia. With the advent of the plant Yaya its domestic needs will be closed completely. A surplus of gasoline and diesel fuel can be sold to others at good market prices. To ensure the quality of goods has the highest demand.

V.Prelovsky, P.Chernyugov, Yaya area

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photo by: Maxim Kiselev   

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