The first phase of flight tests of the modernized drone Istra-10


Successfully completed the first phase of flight tests of the modernized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) reconnaissance and surveillance complex "Istra-10" Development Ltd. "Istra Experimental Mechanical Plant" (IEMZ), said "AviaPort" director Yuri IEMZ Bazhenov.

According to him, currently preparing a new target load for installation on bespilotnike to start the second phase of testing at the beginning of next year.

He explained that the first phase tested the upgraded UAV itself, filmed his basic flight characteristics. The characteristics of the modernized "Istra-10" is different from the original drone almost all indicators. In particular, the increased duration of the flight drone — it is more than 1.5 hours

In the second phase of flight tests will be tested optoelectronic system for gyro-stabilized platform with the regime of automatic object tracking. Completion of the test set with upgraded UAV "Istra-10" can be expected in the late first or early second quarter of 2013. The complex with the new drone will be offered to all customers potentsialgym as the military sector and civil applications, said Yu.Bazhenov.

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