The first production batch of diesel engines, the new design came off the assembly line of ZMZ

ZMZ (a part of "Sollers") has released the first batch of industrial diesel engines ZMZ-new-51432 (2.2 liters) of fuel supply system Common Rail.  

On our website under "Advanced development" has already appeared information about the assembly of the new engine: Now, this engine went into the series.

In addition, the company has maintained for January-April 2012 a positive trend for the production of engines of all modifications to the fact the same period in 2011 at 21%.  

In April ZMZ produced and placed on the orders of "UAZ" on the complete set of cars — "UAZ-Patriot", "UAZ-Hunter", "Cargo" — 359-new diesel engines with the Common Rail (for 10 more engines than originally planned) .  

At the same time to complete "UAZ-Hunter" and car wagon-as well as on-demand dealer organizations to implement the secondary market were produced 124 diesel engine "old" design ZMZ-514, the company said.  

Just 4 months of 2012, ZMZ implemented on the orders of their customers (and automobile dealer organizations) 28,245 different engine modifications. The growth rate of the production program was achieved by increasing the application of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant — the main consumer and the increased demand on the secondary market.  

So, on the UAZ was delivered in January-April 2012 21,608 engines (29.7% more than the fact of 4 months in 2011). Delivery volumes on the secondary market have exceeded the same period last year by 4.3% to 5,556 engines. On the orders were implemented PAZ 1060 eight-cylinder engines (11% less than in January-April 2011). For gas within the state order was delivered 20 engines.  

ZMZ simultaneously on a continuous basis, a lot of work to improve the quality of our products. As a result, four months of 2012 compared to the same period last year defects are identified at their own testing stations has been reduced by 24%, the number of claims has decreased by 31%, while the cost of performing warranty repairs of engines decreased by 16%, which is turn resulted in savings of about 1 million.

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