The first production in the Russian Federation biodegradable sutures opened in Tomsk

The first production in the Russian Federation hypoallergenic bioresorbable surgical sutures glyoxal opened in Tomsk, told reporters Monday the project manager Olga Babkin.

In 2009 the production opened in Tomsk glyoxal. Due to this the Russian became the eighth country in the world that owns the technology of its synthesis. In 2012, the project is a technological platform "Medicine of the Future" and Tomsk universities, government and healthcare received fedpodderzhku to establish production of surgical sutures of glyoxal.

"The project we signed in April 2012, when the federal program funds received. Today we let in experimental plots. From the budget received 180 million rubles, and in addition Tomsk State University and its partners have invested the same amount," — said Babkin, adding that the production of yarn is designed by 100 tons per year, while in Russia are imported annually about 20 tons of similar products. 

She said that it was possible to create a full production cycle of glyoxal in phases obtained polymers that are "pulled" into the final product. In this case, the thread can be as colorless — for cosmetic purposes, and color — it is more convenient to work with them. Furthermore, they may be impregnated with a special solution to quickly healed wound.

"We do not have Russian-made biodegradable fibers. We buy (from abroad), it is very expensive. Both patients are forced to suffer, because the application out of the suture is associated with many complications," — said in turn Deputy Minister of Education and Science, the head of "Medicine of the Future" Lyudmila Ogorodova.

In turn, the deputy governor of the Tomsk region in scientific and educational complex and innovative policy Alexey Knyazev added that currently end up testing and product registration. In 2014, the sutures will be used in Russian hospitals.

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