The first regiment PGRK yars atonement on alert

The first missile regiment armed strategic missile system "Yars", has taken up duty in the Ivanovo region, the Russian Defense Ministry.

Road-mobile missile system with an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 "Yars" with multiple reentry part is an improved version of the complex "Topol-M".

In late 2010, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) Sergei Karakayev reported that SRF refuse monoblock complex "Topol-M" and rearming to "yars".

As told in December last year, chief designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, which was developed complex "Yars", Yuri Solomonov, single-warhead missiles, "Topol-M" are more powerful than the "Yarsom" warhead capable of destroying well-defended targets . At the same time, he said, the Rockets’ yars "with multiple head units are capable of destroying not one but many purposes.

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