The first results of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

530 billion investment and 2,500 guests. 

3 days of hard work: meetings, talks and round tables. Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum — one of the biggest events in Siberia, year after year it becomes bigger. For 3 days he was visited by 2,500 people. The forum came and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the country, and in the final plenary session attended by the Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov.

Anton Silwan: "We are standing on the threshold of decision-making, the need for a range of structural reforms in various sectors. Otherwise we will not be able to provide the necessary economic development and increasing social support of our citizens, of that increase, which will give us reason to go and move forward,"

Total signed 17 cooperation agreements, including documents on the construction in Krasnoyarsk immediately 2 hypermarkets. Also remotely launched a wood processing plant in the area Kezhemsk, and the largest agreement to develop a coal deposit in the Boguchan district — at $ 1 billion.

Victor Tomenko: "In our work, we have paid attention not only to the development of strategic ideas and approaches, but also to solve practical problems and their implementation. During the forum, signed 17 agreements with leading global companies, banks, institutions of more than $ 530 billion rubles "

For the first time on the 9th forum Exposure could see all the townspeople. On Sunday the doors of exhibition business center "Siberia" was open to all.

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