The first Russian serial airfoil surface after 2015


Serial production of Russian WIG will start after 2015. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said CEO CDB named Sergei Alexeyev Platonov. According to him, the concept of creating a Russian "WIG new generation" will be presented to the government until October 2010. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that there are plans to build a heavy-lift airfoil.
According to Platonov, the first phase of the resumption of production WIG in Russia will go to develop such machines displacement of 50, 100 and 600 tons. "This is a short term, within four to five years we will be able to go out on a prototype model. By 2020, we plan to commence construction WIG displacement of 2.3 million tons ", — quotes the director general of the CDB name Alexeyev RIA Novosti reported. Funding for the work has already begun and is financed through the state armaments program, the program of development of civil marine engineering and development of the military-industrial complex.

Future ships will be dual-use, and in the case of military conflict will be used by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Finally Platonov said airfoil design is already underway. On one of the machines can be created to place 32 missile such as "Club".

The fact that Russia will soon resume creation WIG, July 15, 2010 declared the head of the quality of the CDB name Evgeny Alekseev Myaleshka. According to him, the application of the Government to carry out the design and development work has already gone. Project work will last in 2011-2012, and after 2012 will stage development activities and the creation of a first prototype.

In the Soviet Union the production of WIG began in 1957 and ended in the early 1990s. During that time, it was built about 30 of these machines, which are defined in the international classification as a "sea-going vessels." WIG uses the aerodynamic effect of the screen while moving over the water or the earth’s surface. From other ships, such as hovercraft or hydrofoil, airfoil, have a higher rate — up to 250 nodes.

The most famous Soviet WIG were transport-landing "Eaglet" (built five units), impact-winged bomber "Lun" (built by one unit derived from the Black Sea Fleet in 1990) and the experimental "Caspian Sea Monster" (sunk in 1980 as a result of the accident). In the armed forces of the USSR WIG planned to use in amphibious operations, delivery of goods, as well as anti-submarine and anti-ship order.

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