The first settlers from the Yamal emergency shelter, received the keys to the apartment

In Noyabr’sk (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) 25-family handed the keys to new apartments in the district of the "Resettlement of old and dilapidated housing in 2011-2015.".
New settlers were waiting for the relocation of obsolete "pieces of wood" for ten years or more. New apartments in an area with developed infrastructure performed "turnkey", with full modern finishes, with meters of water and heat, convenient layout and quite atypical for the current buildings and high ceilings — 3 m 15 cm 

Building in a short time — a little more than a year — was commissioned by the November District Fund Firm "Absolute". The same organization until the end of this year will hand over another house where two dozen apartments also purchased district under the project to move people out of dilapidated and emergency housing. 
Prior to 2015, the Fund will finance the construction of a Noyabr’sk 235 thousand square meters. meters of housing. The head of administration Noyabr’sk Jeanne Belotsky noted that with the implementation of other county housing programs it will eliminate the old and dilapidated housing in the city. To date, a volume of 179 thousand square meters. m
At the ceremony, Director of MWF key Yamal Skidanov Alexander noted that the governor’s program of resettlement of dilapidated housing is gaining momentum, "In Noyabr’sk our first housewarming party, but it is — a start. The big challenge for the city will be the delivery of eight neighborhood — just 2,800 new apartments. 
According to the governor’s program only in 2013, we expect to build in various cities and towns of Yamal 4379 apartments. At the end of 2012 forward to the input of more than 100,000 square feet — all for the relocation of housing EMERGENCY. "
Note that the people of Yamal relocation of old and dilapidated housing is a priority of the government of the region. According to official statistics, 10% of the county’s housing stock, which is in excess of 1 million square meters of housing is uninhabitable, and according to objective monitoring it is about 2-2, 5 million squares. 
In 2013, the implementation of measures the district program "Housing" which offers a comprehensive solution to the problems of housing development, which will provide affordable housing for the general population of the district, the draft budget Yamal are 4, 7 billion. 
The purpose of these investments is the commissioning of 220 thousand square meters. meters of housing. In 2012, according to the county Department of Construction Professionals and housing policies, the planned new housing will be 192 thousand square meters. m A for the period of 2011-2015. in the autonomous region will be commissioned in 1121, 8 thousand square meters. meters of housing.

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