The first stage of automation of management tasks in the Group

Companies "Lighting Technologies"

Moscow, January 9, 2013 — Group of companies "Lighting Technologies" has completed the first stage of automation of management tasks and assignments on the basis of the "first form". As part of this step is automated staging and monitoring of individual tasks and assignments based on the results of meetings, negotiation of contracts, and the creation and processing of applications for corporate and IT-services. Implemented corporate site link to the "first form". In addition, to create a corporate intranet portal, bringing together the Group’s employees in 20 cities from six countries of the world.


The introduction of the "First Form" allowed to raise the executive order, ensuring effective control of the execution of orders. As a result, "Lighting Technologies" expected to increase the productivity of employees involved in the use of the "First Form", by 15-20%.


Group plans further development of services based on the "First Form", including the deployment of its service-based project management, system integration with SPP (Salary and Personnel Management). It also assumes the development and implementation of mobile applications based on the "first form" and the further socialization services. Particular attention in the company "Lighting Technologies" pay transfer of internal correspondence from your mail system directly into the control tasks (concept «Zero e-mail»), which would reduce the amount of time and correspondence on operational management, and streamline its storage and access to it.


According to the Director of Business Development and Technology Group Michael Kudinovo, increased labor productivity is one of the strategic objectives of the Civil Code "Lighting Technologies", and the introduction of management systems "First Form" — one of the most important steps on the way to it. "The introduction of the" First Form "has allowed us not only to reduce unnecessary paperwork and increase the transparency and accountability of all employees of the company, but also a new look at many of the internal processes and related communication. This view, we make full use of the further development to increase the efficiency of the company, "- he added.



The BG "Lighting Technologies"


The group of companies "Lighting Technologies" — one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment — operates in Russia, CIS and Western Europe since 1997. The company occupies more than 15% of the lighting market Russian main activity of the group of companies — development, production and marketing of lighting fixtures for general and special purposes. Production capacity of the group companies include three plants with a total area of 70,000 m2, producing more than 5 million units annually. Turnover SC "Light Technology" — 160 million euros a year, and the number of employees — 1,150 people.


About "First Form"


The company "First Form" was founded in 2002 by a group of Russian advisers in finance and business process management. The key product of the same name is a complex system of automation and centralized control efficiency based on a field control problems. "The first form" has more than 150 successful implementations in companies from various business sectors. Among the clients: Bosco di Ciliegi, Pharmstandart, Sbarro, "Third Rome" and others. "The first form" is a partner company «CSC Group", specializing in audit, as well as financial and management consulting.

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