The first stage of repair of the bridge over the dam Cheboksary HPP

The first stage of repair of the bridge over the dam Cheboksary HPP on the river Volga (15 042 km of federal highway "Vyatka" from Cheboksary Cheboksary HPP over the dam at Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov to Syktyvkar). Today, vehicular traffic is switched from the right to the left of the bridge repaired bridge.

As part of the left of the bridge repair length of 1.3 km. restored conjugation bridge with mounds of approaches, drainage system of roadway and internal drainage, expansion joints, and mesh railing. Conducted anti-corrosion treatment of metal elements of the superstructure. Achieved grouting cracks of concrete surfaces of reinforced concrete elements. Profrezerovana and updated design of the deck. The restored bridge barrier fence and increasing its storage capacity to the standard level. Restored inspection devices at intermediate supports, walkways. Today, the work on dismantling the pavement on the right bridged transition. Repair the right side of the bridge will be completed in 2013. The complexity of the work stems from the fact that the bridge crossing at the same time serves as a roof turbine hall Cheboksary HPP, and is a complex hydraulic structure. At the final stage will be repaired podmostovye facilities.

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