The first subway train with asynchronous drive assembled in Ukraine

Kryukov Railcar March 20 completed work on a subway train with asynchronous traction drive. Technical product documentation is drive A, which gives the right to the serial production of new cars. About this LigaBusinessInform the press service of the plant.

The chief engineer of the Kiev Metro Vladimir Zel said that the subway train with asynchronous drive whose performance is much higher than the existing counterparts.

In the near future the factory designers — making new undercarriage underground. This is a truck with a central pnevmopodvysheniem with disc brakes and protivoyuznogo management system. This truck is to ensure the cars ride is smooth movement, noise reduction, improvement of other technical characteristics.

"Already in June, will be equipped with new carts as cars with asynchronous drive, and those that are now being applied in the metro to experience all the options for their operation," — said the president of the company Vladimir Prikhodko.

Work on the new designs of subway cars also involves an inter-vehicle equipment trains tight junctions, installation of air conditioners.

Recall that in the next three years, on the lines of the Kiev Metro will be improved about 250 cars. It is now possible to finance the modernization of 185 cars.

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