The first telecommunication 100G-Russian equipment T8 introduced in the IT operator

T8 company that has developed a transponder capable of transmitting data at speeds of 100Gb on a single-span lines at a distance of almost 500 km. completed the installation of the device on the network Inoventica in CFD and PFD.

The customer is the company Inoventica Vitaly slug by experts T8 install a new 100Gb DWDM-system "Volga", which includes a new transponder and, on the lines of the central (CFD) and the Volga District (PFD). The total length of high-speed fiber-optic lines in Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod regions and republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Chuvashia was 1.5 thousand km.

Number assigned transponder and systems, as well as the recommended price is for customers who are not disclosed. Developers are limited to the comment that the price of domestic equipment "below their foreign counterparts."

"Coherent systems have many advantages over conventional amplitude transmitters — explain to T8 technology to speed up the transfer of data. — Main benefits — increasing the distance between the intermediate points due to the high receiver sensitivity and resistance to interference. No installation is required dispersion compensators and reducing the number of amplifiers on the line. " Control system maintains the previous generation of domestic DWDM-systems, allowing for control over networks 1G, 2,5 G, 10G and 40G.

"At the trials margin against the optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) amounted to an average of about 6 dB more than that takes into account possible future cuts and repair the line — say in T8. — The system fully supports OTN, coherent detection and SoftFec algorithm to improve the quality of signal transmission. " To manage the system was organized remote access for service technicians.

T8 company is the only domestic manufacturer of high-100G-equipment. On the DWDM-system "Volga" the company was able to deliver several world records data transmission.

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