The first tests the model of Frigate Ekodzhet

In the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute conducted the first test of a new model of civil aircraft, which was named "Frigate Ekodzhet." This model airplane is a breakthrough in design and construction of civil aircraft. Wind tunnel tests have shown that all the characteristics of the new model of the liner within the design, including aircraft fuel efficiency that is 20% higher than the existing models of aircraft. Such high performance was achieved through the main features of the new liner — elliptical cross section of the fuselage.

The new liner "Frigate Ekodzhet" is designed to operate on routes near-and medium-range — its design range of 4,500 kilometers. Depending on the layout of the cabin, the aircraft can carry from 300 to 350 passengers. The coefficient of aerodynamic qualities of the new liner is 17.5, and the estimated fuel consumption figure — 15 g / unit.

Now, after a successful aerodynamic testing, began designing the aircraft. Working on it lead of FIG "Rosaviaconsortium." The design of "Frigate Ekodzhet" is based on the so-called integrated circuit (IC-1), the development of which began in the early 2000s. Successful testing of the aircraft model have shown that the Russian aviation consortium got a great chance to regain lost ground in the field of civil aviation.

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