The first trams with Wi-Fi appeared in Kemerovo

Passengers of the longest streetcar route in Kemerovo can while away the time in a way to benefit and without getting bored — now this transport 3G-equipped routers with free access to the world wide web.

According to the press service of the city administration.

As specified in the administration, it is the city’s first electric transport, where there was Wi-Fi. "As long as they have equipped two tram number 10 with tail number 184 and 139. This tram route is the longest in the city. According to the results of testing the service, which will last for three months, will be decided to equip additional units of public transport Wi-Fi-routers ", — According to the press service said.

To use this service, you need to have a device that supports Wi-Fi — a mobile phone, laptop or tablet computer, and select the network connection provided by one of the federal cellular operators.

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