The first water park in the Arkhangelsk region is being built in the Peace

Socially significant object is constructed in the framework of the federal program "Development of the Russian space centers." 

In particular, the plan to place the building on the four bowling lanes, billiards room, sauna, several cafes, and of course, the water park, which will be the center of the entire structure.

Total area of the water park will exceed 860 square meters. The pool will consist of two bowls with a depth of 42 to 160 centimeters, so enjoy the water slides and attractions, and will be able to kids from three years old and their parents.

Given the specificity of the object in its construction, a plurality of features. For example, a future swimming pool will be located has a technical floor for the equipment.

Builders ‘logged’ on the subject Oct. 30, 2012. In September, expect to complete the construction of a monolithic box building. In parallel, the interior finish of all floors, continued laying of internal and external networks of engineering infrastructure. In the active phase includes electrical and low-voltage operation.

Now working on a construction site about 130 people, half of the teams arrived at the Peace of St. Petersburg, the other workers — local: most of the military camp and the neighboring areas of the Arkhangelsk region. To build the most powerful sports and leisure center helps people and heavy construction equipment: stationary and automotive cranes, loaders and excavators. For efficiency involved even a special mixer for concrete.

Design project of water complex has been kept secret, the press service of the regional government. However, it is known that the building will be bright, colorful, spacious and comfortable for the young and older visitors to the complex.

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