The first world-class hotel opened in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia)

In the capital of North Ossetia, recently opened its first grand hotel world level. The hotel is dubbed "Alexander", in honor of the Emperor Alexander II. In September 1871, Alexander II, accompanied by sons arrived in Vladikavkaz. In this political gesture a few years after the completion of half a century of Russian-Caucasian war was assigned a symbolic border of peace in the Caucasus.

Finding the hotel was a notable life in the city of Vladikavkaz event — waltzes performed by a military brass band, string quartet minuets, sauntering along the majestic facade of the building ladies and gentlemen — all of this could not touch the visitors of the event. Such an entourage accompanied the opening of the Grand Hotel‘s world-class, and preparing for the event for a long time.


New hotel is located on the former site of the level of the shopping center, which was renovated as part of the restoration and preservation of Prospect Mira, recognized the historical and architectural heritage of the country.

Funds for reconstruction were represented by one of the St. Petersburg companies administered by the entrepreneur Taymuraz Bolloev, a native of North Ossetia.

By the opening of the new hotel was timed well as opening the bulletin board with the Decree of the Emperor Alexander II "On Circulation of the fortress Vladikavkaz in the city." The theatrical performance was seen by many as the different colorful and bright. First Academic Theatre of Russian actor, who played the role of Alexander II, his deputy heard a report on the merits of the local population to Russia, and then signed the decree.

Honor to remove the veil from the bulletin board, which is not far from the hotel, was awarded an honorary citizen of Vladikavkaz, the Holders of the Order of Glory Victor Konyaev.V the event, timed to coincide with the opening of the Grand Hotel Vladikavkaz, made head of the municipality Vladikavkaz Ikoeva Bela, who told The new project was one of the most notable recent and that the city should remember his proshloe.Organizatsiya new project allows the best way to solve the problem of further development of the city of Vladikavkaz and all of North Ossetia. According to representatives of the city administration, in the next five years will be implemented no such project. In the future, construction and maintenance once the six hotels and inns that will help improve the appearance of the city.

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