The fishery industry is developing successfully on the Kamchatka Peninsula


All-Russian Conference on Rosrybolovstva summarizing the work of the first half of 2011 and setting goals for the second opened today, August 1, in the great hall of the administrative building of the government of Kamchatka.

Kamchatka fishermen overcome historic high for the extraction of salmonid fish species.
"To date, produced about 202,000 tons of salmon. In this fishing season record for the most in the history of observations — in 1928 — in total were produced the same amount of fish. In 2009, which was considered a record in recent history, Kamchatka fishermen caught about 190 thousand tons of fish "- said the Minister of Fisheries Kamchatka Vladimir Galitsin.

A welcoming speech to the participants of the meeting addressed Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin. "Fishery Peninsula plays a key role in the economy of the region. Industry generates more than half of industrial output, employing over 17,000 inhabitants of the region, — said Vladimir Ilyukhin. — Fishing is often the foundation of life in many coastal villages of the peninsula. The coastal city-forming enterprises began to coast. This is, without exaggeration, the only source of livelihood for people in remote villages. "

According to the governor, in recent years, fish farming region has reached a new stage of development. Industrialists began to build and modernize the fleet. In the past year due to investkreditov was built three small-scale fishing trawler for coastal fisheries. Developing coastal processing. Only in the last two years, companies have invested more than two billion rubles in the construction and modernization of production base: on the coasts built seven modern factories.

The Governor noted that all these achievements largely the merit of Fishery Agency. "From the results of the work in the field of fisheries, research, regulation depends on the efficiency of the fishing industry. They were able to plan the work for the long term because of the long-term consolidation of quotas and land. Excretion of Pacific salmon "oduemyh" objects will quickly adjust the allowable production volumes, — said the head of the region. — Good economic effect give support measures: reduced rates of the FBG, small businesses have the opportunity to move to the single agricultural tax, the company received a significant preferences that modernize and build a new fleet and industrial base. "

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