The flagship of the Baltic fleet of destroyers Pushy — 20 years

Today, the crew of the destroyer of the Baltic Fleet, "persistence", commanded by captain Andrew Nabokov, marks the 20th year anniversary of the raising of the Navy flag.

Events to mark the Day of the ship, began with the construction personnel, lifting St. Andrew’s flag and the flags of colorization. Was read to the captain ordered the promotion of distinguished sailors.

The destroyer "Pushy" entered into service of the Navy (Navy) in Russia in 1993 and a few months later became the first ship in the history of the Russian Navy, made the transition Kiel Canal.

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Repeatedly destroyer "Pushy" won prizes in chief of the Navy for firing and tactical training. In 1996 and 1997, respectively. ship named the best surface ship of the Russian Navy.

In July 1996, the ship participated in international naval exercises "Baltops-96", and in February and April 1997, he made a long-range sea campaign, having a total of 20 thousand miles.

The destroyer "Pushy" represented the Russian Navy at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the naval forces of South Africa in Cape Town and Simonstown. During the time spent in the battle of the Baltic Fleet destroyer has passed more than 70 thousand miles and was at sea for a total of about two years.

Currently, the crew during the course of putting the problem (K-1) fulfills the elements of combat and daily organization of his preparation, and hike in the base. After putting the problem in the database destroyer will come into the sea to carry out combat training ranges in the fleet.

It is planned that in May, the destroyer "Pushy" will make the transition to Kronstadt to attend the celebrations marking the 310th anniversary of the formation of the Baltic Fleet.

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