The flagship of the Caspian Flotilla sailed for combat


Today, the crew of the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla rocket ship "Tatarstan" carries vehicular live-fire exercises in the Caspian Sea offshore landfill.

The ship was at sea in the ongoing test alert naval forces of Commission staff flotilla.

Caspians will strike missile strikes on simulated enemy ships, conduct artillery firing at sea and air targets from the gun mount AK-176 anti-aircraft missile system "Osa" and anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Chestnut".

During an overnight stay sailors together with the soldiers protivopodvodno commando unit will conduct training on anti-sabotage defense of the ship while on a raid unprotected.
Also, the group of frogmen run for the detention of underwater saboteurs.

According to legend, the teachings, they will try to make a bookmark explosive device to the underwater part of the hull, but it will be detected and captured frogmen carrying duty  

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