The flight of small aircraft in Kazan, guests watched an air show (photos)


Demonstration flights of airplanes, helicopters and gliders could be seen today at the airport "Kurkachi" Guests Airshow "I choose to heaven!". Those wishing to experience firsthand for this action and look closely at the small aircraft equipment were many. And many came to the airport an hour before the official opening of the air show.

Air show was held in the framework of the VI International exhibition "Aerospace technology, modern materials and equipment" in honor of a landmark for the Russian aviation industry dates: 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force, the 90th anniversary of Tupolev Design Bureau, 85th anniversary CAPO im.Gorbunova, the 80th anniversary of KNRTU im.A.N, Tupolev, 95th anniversary of the plant "electrical appliance."The organizers of the event were the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Industry and Trade, JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", KNRTU Tupolev, KF KB JSC "Tupolev", JSC "CAPO im.S.P.Gorbunova", LLC " Helicopter-Media. "



He opened the festival, whose purpose was to raise the level of knowledge and interest in children and adolescents in the field of aviation, the Minister of Industry and Trade Ravil Zaripov. He congratulated all those present on the occasion.

"Today in Tatarstan has more than 20 enterprises of the aviation industry, more than 30 thousand people work in the aviation industry. This is the achievement of many businesses, it is a merit of research institutions, the cooperation of industrial enterprises with science. Nice to see here at the Independence many of our children, students, students, management case and guests invited to this wonderful holiday, "- said in his opening remarks, Ravil Zaripov.

He also talked about the fact that they recently with the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov decided in almost all regions and cities to support technical circles and children who are engaged in them.

After opening the show, which was also attended by the President of JSC "Tupolev" Alexander Bobrishev, award ceremony was held exhibitions ACP-2012, groups of enterprises anniversaries KNRTU-KAI im.Tupoleva, CAPO im.Gorbunova, JSC "Tupolev" plant "Electrical Appliance . "





The program of today’s celebration was a master class on packing parachutes, a demonstration of aerobatics and demonstrations masters of aviation. On static display you could see various models of helicopters and airplanes.




Prefaced the official opening of the festival flash mob, which was attended by nearly one thousand people. At a special court employees of different companies have formed a holiday motto — "I choose heaven!". Each company formed a single letter. Unfortunately, the resulting see such a phrase anyone of the guests could not — it can be read only from a height.



By far, the greatest interest in the crowd called skydivers jumping demonstration and demonstration flights and aerobatics. It is said that the conduct of the holiday and the weather did not stop — until the end of the event in the sky there were no clouds.

While some guests were waiting for the next flight demonstrations, others have studied aeronautical engineering at a small static display, which presented different models of helicopters and airplanes.

Feast of small aircraft continued for several hours.



One of the participants in the air show — flight director Airlines’ Chelavia "Timur Sattar, who rose in the sky on a plane P2002-Sierra. This aircraft was manufactured by the Italian company Tecnam and is designed for initial training and simple maneuvers.

Timur told the group the demonstration aircraft airline "Chelavia" came from Moscow. "Glad that air shows are held in Russia more and more often. Just this year, this is our fifth airshow. Up front, probably four or five, "- said the holiday party.

According to Timur Sattarova, small aircraft is doing in our country is still in its infancy, "We hope that will gradually be covered by a growing number of cities that will recover airfields that were destroyed after the Soviet time and for many years were abandoned, and soon Russia will become one flying of the countries in the world. "

Member airshow sure that the small aircraft, like any other business, requires the development of investment. Because the government does not pay enough attention to small aircraft, to invest in this business are beginning to investors — people passionate about aviation, which took place as businessmen.



Timur Sattorov said that before the small aircraft poses many challenges of diverse plan — from training private pilots and flight excursion to the aerial work lesopatrulirovaniya and monitoring of oil and gas.



A lot of the participants and guests of the festival, whose profession is associated with aviation, the sky is still chosen as a child and dreamed of it from childhood. "I have not seen the plane, but the question of who will not, replied that I would be a pilot — says Russian pilot honored Vilyurik Batirshin. — And so it happened that from somewhere dream come true. "

Pilots, who would have had the title of V.Batyrshina in Kazan can literally be counted on the fingers. To become a well-deserved Russian pilot must fly 10 thousand hours in first class flight without incident, you will need to learn a new technique and prepare flight personnel.

For 10 years, a person with 40 years of experience in retirement, but before ’21 worked at the helicopter plant. "I believe that the safest form of transport — this aircraft," — said Vilyurik Batirshin.

Speaking of the holiday, he said: "The organizers of the fellows — how technology caught up! So they gathered people interested in aviation. "


Holiday memorable not only aerobatics. At the airport were deployed mass celebrations, reminding Sabantuy. In spite of the working
day, the air show visitors were several thousand. Most of them were students and staff of the anniversary KAI enterprises. Many of them came with their children. For them, were organized entertainment, typical holiday — shooting gallery, a trampoline, a master class on packing parachutes and making model airplanes.

From the entrance to the airfield runways stretched stalls. On a specially built stage without interruption was a concert. Beside him on the floor, the performances of bikers. Viewers, however, primarily interested not in festivities. Their eyes were fixed on the sky, where the pilots of small aircraft made demonstration flights and showed aerobatics.

Planes were for the most part screw. Among them was a rocket. Its flights are not complicated pieces displayed, but everyone remembered their execution speed.

The most spectacular were flying an air of "Chelavia" on 4 planes. They demonstrated the consistency group flights. Sometimes during execution shapes, the distance between fuselage does not exceed 20 centimeters.

Delight of the spectators also called waltzing helicopter. Heavy machine effortlessly laid the steep turns. Pilot hit art — several times the aircraft, hovering for a moment, touched the chassis marker cone standing on the ground, it was never turned over.

In addition to flying machines, the program celestial show were paratroopers. One of the groups showed jumps on landing accuracy. In the immediate vicinity of the spectators was set mat with built-in shock sensor, the information to be displayed on a special board. Skydiver, touching the surface of the fifth point, increased the value by one.

On a holiday planned to establish a record of the Russian Federation for the CRW. However, windy weather prevented it. Parachutists in the sky blown hundreds of meters, and make whole the figure they could not.

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