The flight, which lasted for half a century



The flight, which lasted for half a century
18.11.03, the


In late 1996, many magazines, specializing in coverage of the incredible events that bypassed sensational material, which first appeared in the weekly newspaper "The Independent Worthing ': UK defense spotted an object approaching from the Pas-de-Calais to the English coast at low altitude. At the request of the pilot did not respond. Then the radar of his "lost." And they found the plane just after day on the field, near the house of a certain Martha Crawford.

Here is what M.Krouford: "As usual, I was working in her garden when she heard a loud roar coming. Looked into the sky and was stupefied: from the coast at a very low altitude approaching a plane.'s Ears I have, and I'm very scared when directly above the plane shook my house. landing gear and he landed awkwardly on a meadow just a hundred yards from my little possessions. "Lord, what has happened to the country," — I thought, and hurried to the plane. Running up, I knocked on a stick on the face plate of the cab's head in a helmet and climbed out on the wing as a young guy like in uniform. His several times strongly swayed from side to side, and I think he's great drunk. guy sat on the wing and shouted: "Madame For God's sake, where am I? I do not understand … "Very strange question for the pilot, right? I replied that of course he was in England, and called herself. Pilot slumped to the grass, he was quite pale, and shook his trembling. I took off his helmet, looked him all — did not seem drunk or injured. Hardly brought him home and put him, and she got in touch with Dr. Pat Wooden. pilot acted as a strong delirium took me by the hand and began to talk incoherently about dogfight with some fascist aces asked to connect the phone with the commander of the regiment, some major. Nightmare! Then came the doctor, examining long pilot, called a car from the military hospital, and after two hours they were all gone … "

As it turned out later, the plane was badly damaged — the bullets in seven places struck the fuselage, almost hitting the fuel tanks.

Experts nagryanuvshaya at noon with the British Air Force base, quickly established that they face a fighter F-40 "Curtiss", was in service from the Americans during the Second World War. The machine is so-so, average tactical and technical qualities … It was loaded onto a platform, and a huge cargo helicopter carried a mysterious plane at the base.

Sam pilot named John Walker, coming to a hospital, said such incredible things that seasoned reporters eyes literally crawled out on his forehead. Namely, he, Lieutenant of the U.S. Air Force, April 9, 1944 as part of a cover Squadron, which served, accompanied by the British "Lancaster" — heavy bombers to bomb marching objects in Nazi-occupied Belgium. Three "Messerschmitt" forced Walker fight. He got one, but the other two were driving and fired it up, as long as not knocked out. The car began to lose control and was ready to fall into the strait. The pilot pulled back the roof of the cab and was about to jump out with a parachute as …

— Suddenly, gray, smoky, rattling world war supposedly exploded in front of me. I thought that was shot in the head and going to die. Lost consciousness … And when I came to the airplane in a steep dive rushed to the ground, the engine worked. I was able to level the aircraft at an altitude of only 200 meters. Stunned silence me, no aircraft in the sky! Gone, "Lancaster", the German air cloud was gone hunters were gone and our fighters … In headphones — dead silence. Somehow I held on to the front rising above the shore, where he sat on a certain field — with empty tanks and nearly unconscious.

No matter how gently talked to him, yet the news that the court in 1996 threw the already jaded pilot in shock. His condition was threatening, and the guy was taken to a psychiatric spetskliniku.

After another day in order to suspend the reporter's unhealthy excitement around this whole story, the hospital management has made an official statement, 25-year-old amateur pilot, John Walker, the owner of a restored P-40 "Curtis" suffers from intrusive forms of schizophrenic delusions, heightened complete amnesia suddenly struck him during the flight. The disease is certainly provoked immoderate passion of Mr. Walker's history of aviation. Currently, a large pilot feels the U.S. Air Force during the Second World War. Now he is treated in a specialized clinic without access rights of visitors that can aggravate the disease. "

All clear — one more crazy … However, persistent journalist James O 'Hara and his supporters, investigating, adhere to a completely different point of view:

— The aircraft, tail number F-0327 did go into the 123 Squadron cover and disappeared without a trace April 9, 1944 after the start of aerial combat with the three "Messers." It was piloted by Lt. John Walker, a photograph of which we managed to find in the archives and re-shoot. On the right cheek in his distinctive birthmark. We came here on the pilot's right cheek is the same birthmark, and the pilot on Walker file photo they look like they can not even be like twins! This is definitely one and the same person. In addition, the aircraft had the freshest scratches and holes on the way, I've fingered them. Thus the aircraft fired than 52 years and a maximum of 20 minutes ago. In addition, from which they could take in the restored aircraft!.

The fate of John Walker government stubbornly silent.



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