The four Russian long-distance trains appeared free wireless internet

The four Russian long-distance trains appeared free wireless internet. This was reported today the official representative of the Federal Passenger Company / "daughter" Railways / Elena Miroshnikov.

According to her, it is a branded trains 167/168 "Nevsky Express" message from Moscow to St. Petersburg, 153/154 "Thunderbird" communication Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod, 31/32 "Leo Tolstoy" the message from Moscow to Helsinki and 59/60 "Volga" message Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod. "At present, each train is equipped with one of each type of carriage included in the composition, that is a luxury car, one Compartment, one second-class, one cidyachy and dining car" — said Miroshnikov. She noted that "the service is available to owners of laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices that support wireless Internet connection.""This site was selected as a test due to the fact that these areas are actively developing a network connection 3G, owned cellular operator" MegaFon "- continued the spokesman. Therefore connect to the internet you can find the train at the time in the zone 3G coverage "MegaFon", which currently covers about 85 percent of the length of each route.

Until the end of the year, said Miroshnikov, railroad plans to expand testing ground of the project to provide access to the Internet on trains to include areas such as Moscow-Astrakhan and Moscow-Samara. "The service will be provided to train" Lotus "and" Lada "is already using satellite communications," — she concluded.

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