The French company Lactalis cheese production opened in the Tula region

The French company Lactalis, specializing in the production of milk and dairy products, has launched its own production of cheeses in the Tula region.

The modernization work at the dairy plant in Efremov was started in 2010. In the modernization of production was invested 300 million rubles. Today, all the processes in the company are fully automated.

Lactalis — International Corporation, represented in 150 countries, with annual sales of $ 9.4 billion, a leader in the production of cheese in France. The most well-known brands — President, Lactel, Galbani.

Efremov creamery plant joined the group Lactalis in 2010. The company‘s plan provides for investment in the next three years, about 9 million dollars in the development of production capacity and raw materials business.

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