The French want to make Russian an official language of the EU

France will be a collection of signatures for the use of the Russian language at the official level in the EU. The initiators of this proposal are the French association advocating for the development of relations with Russia.

"We believe this is a necessary step because the Russian — one of the main European languages, conductor identity of European civilization. This is a vector of worldwide distribution of different cultures, based on the mediation of the Russian language, "- said the president of the association" France-Ural "Dmitry de cat.

Head of the Association said that in the European Union today there are more than seven million Russian-speaking population, and they are concentrated not only in historical centers, such as the Baltic States, but are scattered throughout the EU. "That is why the Russian language — not a regional or local language of certain EU countries. At its core ambitions and he is not a carrier of ideas of separatism. On the contrary, it is a factor of European integration ", — said de cat.

In his opinion, the Russian is "necessary for the economic development of Europe and in particular the European Union, taking into account the complementarity of the economies of the two parts of the continent." This is especially helpful that between Russia and the EU is developing closer cooperation in areas such as energy and aeronautics.

"The right of all EU citizens to use the Russian language Russian language as a mother or as a transnational language of communication in Europe, of course, is an element of enriching the cultural, economic, and, of course, the geopolitical importance for the European Union", — said de cat.

Dmitry de Koshko said that this year the citizens of the European Union has an official opportunity to make a "civil initiative". To do this, the petition must dial "at least one million signatures from at least seven countries in the EU." In France, it needs to dial 54 thousand signatures of citizens of the EU with the name and address, ITAR-TASS reported.

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