The future is bezlopostnymi windmills

The future is bezlopostnymi windmills Facts

Regardless of the source of "green" energy, windmills have a lot of drawbacks. This increased noise activity and unsafe for birds and bats, a sufficiently high cost of installing turbines and bad vibes from their work.

To simultaneously correct all these deficiencies and improve the performance of turbines, a Tunisian company Saphon launched bezlopostnyh windmills, its mode of operation and form resembling sails. As they dropped the torque elements such mills are safe for birds and other flying animals. In addition, the devices completely eliminate any aerodynamic and mechanical losses that occur during normal operation of turbines.
Parusopodobnaya workspace new turbine takes energy by wind speed, but on the principle of the reciprocating movement of the sails. This method allows virtually all the resulting kinetic energy into mechanical energy to turn with the available pistons. The resulting hydraulic pressure then either stored in a special battery or immediately converted into electricity through a hydraulic motor and generator. The aerodynamic shape of the new windmill uses the power of resistance as the primary, and the value of gravity when working close to zero.
According to the developers, the invention of Saphon Energy 2.3 times more effectively existing turbines, while the cost is 45% less. And over time, the cost of producing mechanism may drop further. The undoubted advantage of its turbine developers refer to accumulate energy. In the future, when a significant part of the budget of the world will leave that to cope with the effects of global warming, a new economical device for the extraction of "green" renewable energy will be particularly relevant.

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