The future of Formula 1 racing circuit in Sochi to take shape

On Monday, February 4, 2013 the president of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak visited the race track for the future of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 to the Olympic park. They drove for rough asphalt road and inspected the infrastructure Circuit.

To date, more than half of the rough asphalt road F1 ready.

Construction work began in November 2011. German company has designed a line Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, Russian designers, LLC "Stroiproekt-XXI» project adapted to local conditions and our building codes, construction contractor — "Corporation INZHTRANSSTROY."


The track will consist of two circles: large — 5.87 km, small — 2.3 km. Involve a large circle for the Formula 1 races, during the Grand Prix, and the small circle — for motorsport events to be held throughout the year in karting, drag racing and Racing. The route crosses the construction sites Bolshoi Ice Palace, Skating center "Adler-Arena" and The Ice Palace "Iceberg. "

Imereti lowland soils unstable, so the construction of the race track, developers had to drain it and replace 270,000 tons of soil. And to strengthen the weak soils to use grouting pile.

Asphalt road will be laid in three layers: the first — 9 cm, the second — 5 cm, and the third — 6. In the summer of 2014, after the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will cut off the top layer of asphalt will shape the additional thickness of 6 cm and perform a triple road fence route. This requires continuously put 15,000 tons of asphalt. Not far from the road to build three factories for the production of coatings.

The track will be equipped with a storm sewer, drainage and lighting systems. On both sides all the way around to the security of the route after the Olympics install triple fences and road signs. Along the race course is scheduled to install three noise-reducing screen constant height of 3.5 m, length — 430 m, temporary (6 m high, 500 m long) along a continuous screen at a distance of 20 m from it, temporary located 15 m from the nearest road Housing.

It is expected that over the three days of racing, the competition will be able to see 90 thousand spectators, as the platform of the future race track designed for 30 thousand people. On the main platform length of 500 meters will house the bulk of the audience — 13600.

Most of the work on the track to be completed by the fall of 2013. And after the Olympics, in April 2014, the work will continue. Accelerated pace of infrastructure construction and is already the outlines of four-storey buildings pit stops, which will house the boxes for cars and will be the maintenance of automobiles. These buildings will be used during the Olympic Games.

Erected in front of two-story buildings for the teams, designed for 800 people, a medical center, race control tower, etc. The roof of all buildings will be operated, viewers can watch the races even with the roof.

Construction of the main grandstand, a length of 500 meters, has only just begun. The Olympics must be completed outside of the main grandstand, and the internal work will continue in April 2014.

This will only at the moment in the world of F1 track with lingering arcuate rotation, where the design speed exceeds 300 km / h Well, of course at this turn and the stands will be. At the XI International Investment Forum in Sochi was presented the model of the corrected route. Adjustments mainly touched the stands Circuit. After the erection of the newly projected stands on a long arcuate corner route, elegant facade skating center "Adler-Arena" will be closed. This decision was made at the expense of the architectural appearance of the Olympic Park. Moreover, such an arrangement violates the rostrum fire regulations, so as not drawn to the required fire-break. The construction of the platform has not yet begun and, apparently, will be held after the Olympic Games. Therefore, there is still time to change and the project and place, for example, instead of one big two smaller stands in between the main arenas instead of training arenas, which are planned to take after the Olympics in another region. (Earlier, in the layout shown in X Forum in Sochi, stands on this corner was not).

The first Russian Grand Prix is scheduled for October 2014.…-v-sochi-obretaet-formyi/ 

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