The future of Russia — for the innovation and development of domestic production


Investment, innovation and the development of domestic production — "reference points" election program published on the website of the presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.
The main focus of the program is on stimulating investment, creating new industries, large-scale introduction of innovation, energy efficiency and the development of modern industries. The state will help Russian producers to enter new markets and stimulate the export of high-tech goods. This will create all the conditions in order to locate production in Russia and invest in Russian companies become profitable.
In order to achieve a qualitative leap in the economy and enhance national competitiveness must be large-scale introduction of innovations, the document says. The government will fully support the technological upgrading of Russian enterprises and the development of industries such as telecommunications, information technology, nanotechnology, etc. The locomotives will be the Skolkovo innovation growth and other technology parks and science cities.
"As a 100% Russian company specializing in telecommunications technology, we welcome initiatives to encourage domestic production and innovation activities — says the president of the group of companies" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov. — The implementation of these initiatives will give a new impetus to the development of the Russian economy, the Russian business will enable new markets with high-tech and in-demand products. "

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