The future of the Russian space: our children

Recently, the children in Russia is a big stream of negative information. And very little is said, what they have are great. Breaking the tradition and introduce you to the future of our space.
 Meet Moscow seventh grader Maxim Serebrov

All-Russian Olympiad
School "Step into the Future" 

in "Space" 2012                              

 The space station of the future

   Author:                                 Silver Max,Grade 7, Moscow School-№ 320     

 Commodity Gennady, Ph.D., Associate Professor Bauman. NE Bauman

The proposed design of the space station

station consists of three parts: "A" "B"
and "C"
 (Fig. 3) 

Part "A" space station — it’s part of the docking, which can
several docked spacecraft. It is intended for receiving
Earthlings, which lifts will be sent to the base "A" on the main bases: "B"" C ", designed for life. In this part of the station tourists
will be able to experience weightlessness. Also in this part of the station will be accepted
different weights to build spacecraft for sustaining life, and more
for space exploration.                                          "B" and "C" — identical parts
space station (Figure 7)
located on the edge, connected by lifts for the transport of bulky goods and
transport people. Centrifugal force will be set up similar attraction
earth. In this part of the space station will be in the greenhouse with hotels,
leisure complexes, hydroponics lab equipment. Tourists in this part of the station
will be living in a hotel with views of the Earth and space. The hotel is a circle,
inside the greenhouse and which extend to the lower levels (Fig. 4).   The central
the station will be located on the assembly shop spacecraft parts,
you do not need to overcome the Earth’s gravity and air resistance
Earth’s atmosphere (for example Figure 5).
The space station is protected by a magnetic field of radiation, in the domes
provides protection from UV radiation by ozone. (Figure 6).
construction of the OS will be very expensive, so will some of the
manufacture of space debris.

The advantages of the station: long-term
use, assembly of the spacecraft, using as a tourist
complex, where gravity is similar to Earth’s. The station may be used as
shipyard spacecraft that will explore space, to master the moon, collect valuable

    Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

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