The gas generator of the new engine for the PAK FA design has surpassed


July 8 of "CC" United Engine Corporation "and JSC" Scientific and Production Association "Saturn" ("Saturn") held a press conference. The journalists’ questions answered deputy director of the Criminal Code of ODC, the managing director of NPO "Saturn" Ilya Fyodorov, deputy managing director for programs of military gas turbine engines and special equipment NPO "Saturn" Ivan Markov. 

Was covered a variety of topics, including the production of engines for unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

Asked by reporters on the engine for a prospective fifth-generation fighter being developed by the program "promising aviation complex tactical aircraft" (PAK FA), I.Fedorov noted that work is being done extremely well under the leadership of chief designer STC them. Arkhip Cradles Eugene Marchukova. Design Bureau NPO "Saturn", headed by chief designer Yuri Shmotinym, did a great job on the new gas generator engine characteristics have turned out much better than expected by the customer. Now comes the final configuration of the motor and coordination with the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Dry questions on placing the engine on the aircraft. President of JSC "UAC" Mikhail Pogosyan puts a condition that the engine installed in the aircraft without any change in the support (now at T-50 or PAK FA fighter jet engines are installed ed. "117" before the new engine). Installing the engine of the second stage will dramatically increase the speed of the aircraft, as the increase traction and acceleration, in addition, the engine will be easier.

Full text of the press conference, see the link

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