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General Karbyshev — Death and Life

Karbyshev Dmitry Mikhailovich (1880 — 1945) — a military engineer, Lieutenant General Corps of Engineers, Professor, Doctor of Military Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. Member of the 1st World War and the Civil War, a professor of a number of military academies. His writings on military engineering and military history are still the gold fund of military science.

This man — the world-famous military engineer — I wanted to be an artist, but belongs to an ancient Cossack genus determined his choice. He ends up with honors Siberian Omsk Cadet Corps, then in St. Petersburg — Nicholas School of Military Engineers and shows his mettle on the Russian-Japanese War …

… 1941 August 8. During the bombing near Mogilev it will be wounded and taken prisoner. He will spend 3.5 years in concentration camps. His "Way of the Cross" will begin in Poland from the transit camp "Ostrow Mazowiecki." The Germans immediately make a bet on the famous general and a scientist. Seriously ill DM Karbysheva transported in Zamosc, resettling in the general’s hut. But: "I conscience and homeland do not sell!" — Was his answer. It was during this period was born his famous motto:"There is no greater victory than the victory over a main thing — do not fall to his knees in front of the enemy."

"… This is the largest Soviet fortifier, a career officer of the old Russian army, a man who has passed for sixty years, was a fanatical devotee of the idea of military duty of loyalty and patriotism … Karbysheva can be considered bad in the sense we use as a specialist in military engineering case "- excerpts from the document read as Chief Engineer’s Office of Hitler’s army, ending resolution:" Submit to the Flossenburg concentration camp for forced labor, no discount on the rank and age. "

The Germans hoped to persuade him to cooperate. Having listened carefully to the conditions of "cooperation," Dmitry M. replied calmly: "My beliefs do not fall out with his teeth from lack of vitamins in the diet of the camp. Soldiers, and I am true to their duty. And he forbids me to work for the country that is at war with my homeland"

….Until the end of the war was 2.5 months.On the night of February 18, 1945 died a martyr’s death in the camp of Mauthausen (Austria). Among the other prisoners (about 500 people) was doused with water in the cold and died.

Became a symbol of indomitable will and perseverance.



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