The geometry of the road



The roads are not for nothing called the arteries of the economy, because without a developed transport infrastructure projects is not serious to implement. In Yamal long time about trying not to say, the richest region in the country trailed in the wake of the all-Russian traffic rankings.

Move forward on the road is not just comfortable, not possible! We will build the roads, he said to himself and his associates District Governor Dmitry Kobylkin. And on the Yamal Peninsula for the first time in a long time, there was a clearly defined concept of road transport infrastructure. Medium-term — up to 2014 — provides for priority measures for the reconstruction and modernization of the road network of the county and strategic vision of the road network by 2020. The ideas embodied in these documents are already working.

We do, of course, became leaders — the road can not be built quickly, but the fact that such amount and pace of construction of roads, as the Yamal Peninsula, is not now in any other region of Russia — a fact. And the facts are known — are stubborn things, they show that over the past three years, a two-fold increase in funding for road maintenance. Money to repair them began to devote more a factor of 4.4. And in the overhaul of roads began to invest in Yamal six times more money. How it became more of the roadway? Judge for yourself: in 2010 over the Yamal managed to build only five kilometers of new roads in 2011 — is ninety six kilometers, and in 2012 we plan to reach a figure of more than 150 kilometers.

 The pace of road construction should grow even more. In the next eight years, we plan to connect the motorway economic centers of the autonomous region and the neighboring regions. To create these corridors is necessary to build three hundred and five kilometers of the highway. Another fifteen hundred kilometers of roads should be raised to combine into a single public road network and regional centers of the city. Ten and a half kilometers of roads need to build for the construction of bypasses around major population centers of Yamal. And plus this today need to reconstruct the most congested road sections with total length of 224.5 kilometers. The total cost of these projects, about ninety-six billion rubles. Money is serious, but the effect of their investments — more than serious. Solving the problem of traffic isolation of most settlements County, investment, business development, new economic projects, new opportunities for communication between people, a new quality of life! Now the main forces left on the Yamal project of the century — the track Nadym, her hand over a year earlier, in 2014.



 Winter roads will go on the new bridge.

 Construction of the road Salekhard — Nadym being accelerated pace. Metal handsome through the creek Hozeyriena length 132 meters builders began to build in January. Site Manager "Mostostroy-12" Victor Borodin said that the bridge consists of a split in the span of 42 meters, which optimizes the design of the assembly process.


The supports of reinforced concrete provide a sufficient margin of safety construction. By year end, the transition should be put into operation. In general, the winter road in January by Nadim already go on the new bridge.
— River-is now a narrow, — said Victor M. — as it spreads in the flood and heat a little to the entire territory of the village. — The bridge has a large, because it spans the ravine. Make high dumping on both sides of the road, the terrain has to be considered. If you make a small bridge — about ten meters, the ice machine will not climb out of the gully to the top.
At the site focuses modern technology — cranes, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks. On the site employs more than 120 people from across the vast Russian and CIS — fitters, welders, drivers, machinists. 
To date, eight bridges across the road is built, under construction and there are 11 bridges, 53 of the plan.

 REFERENCE "Red North"
The route of the highway Salekhard-Nadym passes in one transport corridor to the Northern latitudinal way "Ob — Salekhard — Nadym — Pangody — New Urengoy — Korotchaevo."
Construction of the road is included in the priority investment projects of the Urals Federal District.
Due to this road in 2015 Salehard will be connected to the all-Russian road network.
Access to the "mainland" will get another six settlements of Yamal.
Road Nadym, comprises six sections with total length of three hundred and thirty miles.
The long-term traffic on various sections of the road — from 2600 to 6550 vehicles per day.
The expected volume of freight traffic and ninety seven million tons per year.
On the track Nadym, now established eight hundred and fifteen new jobs for road builders.

The plans

 Strategy for development of the district planned to finish the road Nadym,. Then get out of the city Nadyma Soviet in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Another joyous moment for motorists: the planned construction of the road from Labytnanog to Yar-Sale. Moreover, there are plans to connect the road links Salehard and Syktyvkar. For this you need to build a road from the Harp to the Republic of Komi.
But that’s not all. The plans for a dozen years to build and roads from the district center Taz District Gydy to village and from the South Kharampurskoye field to the village only in Krasnoselkupsk area. And begin construction of a road from New Urengoja to Igarka. It will pass through Krasnoselkup. Make and year-round access to the administrative center of the district of the village Shuryshkarsky Men.

Remodel and is now the most downloaded track from the border with Khanty before the November and November-highway and Vyngapurovsky, purpe-Purovsk. 

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