The giant amusement park will be in the south of Moscow

Journalists today introduced the concept of the complex, the construction of which will begin in 2014. "Galaxy Park" fully justifies the name and space design, and size. He stretched in an area of more than 20 acres at the intersection of Ring Road and the Warsaw highway.

The core of it will be all sorts of attractions. Next to accommodate arena for sporting events and variety shows, water park, musical theater, as well as cinemas, exhibition halls, restaurants and shopping center. Add to this the two hotels, a conference hall, and of course, lots of parking. According to the plan, the doors to the "Galaxy Park" will open in 2018. As described today the authors of the project, investment of nearly three billion dollars.

"This is the first park of this level of parks, which will be located in an enclosed space. Moscow still winter city, so if you make a public park, but it will work three or four months of the year. Clearly, it will be either detrimental or unprofitable, taking into account the investments that need to invest today in this park. only part of an amusement park (now estimated previously) would cost about half a billion dollars ", — said the head of the company," Margrit Limited "in Russian Sait Gutseriev.

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