The girl — the chairman of the collective farm

In Kostroma region chairman of the farm was the 23-year-old graduate of the Academy of Agriculture. The girl did not scare multimillion debts of the enterprise, lack of experience and the remoteness of the village from the regional center is almost 350 km.

 In the village of Ivanovo Natalia cervids still remember the girl. She’s always been a tenacity and perseverance. After graduating with honors local high school, a girl with no problems acted in Kostroma Agricultural Academy. None of the villagers even doubt about it — Natalia will go far.

Every summer on the practice of the girl came to his native village. And even then drew the attention of the local collective farm, who, like many of the country’s economy, living out his last days. And after receiving a red diploma Natalia knew exactly where his career starts.

After months of work in the specialty (economist) at the general meeting of the personnel elected female head of agricultural enterprises.

Eighteen months ago, farming was more like a battlefield. Sprawling farm, abandoned fields, broken appliances. At that time, machine operators and milkers on the farm for several years worked at virtually no cost, the remaining cows were starving. The company’s debt exceeded 2 million rubles.

But this girl is not scared. Young farm chairman took matters into his own hands. Joint efforts renovated farm. In some places, updated equipment for milking. Put in order the equipment. Now the farm 60 cows. Milk is sold to the regional center and the neighboring villages and settlements. We have to work almost around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

To bring the farm to the next level, we need time. Natalia Oleneva sure that everything will turn out. To do this, it has everything you need: knowledge, tenacity and courage. The plans of the young leader to increase in the acreage. For the new crop has already acquired the necessary fertilizers.

Natalia Oleneva, chairman of the "Vetluga":

I was always drawn to agriculture. So after school, I did not hesitate entered the Academy of Agriculture. It was interesting. And friends and there were many.

My parents had already lived in the city of Kostroma. They have until recently did not believe that I’m going to the village. But I decided myself. I generally used to make decisions in their own lives. Many tried to dissuade me. But I did not give up.

The first year was the most difficult. I helped people. Then summed up the weather, and feed have prepared very little. I had to get out themselves.

Andrei Gorshkov, head of agriculture administration SHARINSKY municipal area:
To be honest, did not expect that we are left with is still such young people. There are villages that we have such young people, it turns out — ready to take on such a serious commitment. A striking example — Natalia Oleneva. She hoisted herself onto the weight. It’s not easy to her.

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