The glass wall of the new airport of Vladivostok will control the temperature regime

The reconstruction of the runway and the new airport of Vladivostok is underway, — the OTV-Prim.

Experts have begun to upgrading the facade of the new airport terminal in Vladivostok — mounted glazing and cladding panels. Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete frame building of the airport has been completed. The contracts for the supply of air bridges and surveillance and security.

Fully completed work on the device columns and is now starting work on the device of metal over a large waiting room, which will house the reception and waiting area flown.

The waiting room — almost 4,000 square meters, the trim around the perimeter of the hall will make using special glass that controls the temperature conditions inside. The air terminal, which will house both domestic and international flights will be five times more current carrying capacity — 1360 people per hour.

The building of the new terminal — only part of the modern international aviation complex, which will be commissioned in late 2011. In parallel, the installation command-and-control center and the large-scale reconstruction of the runway. Her extended to three and a half miles, completely replacing the cover.

"Use the most advanced materials, equipment that allows continuous lay concrete. Concrete 41 centimeters, it allows you to sit there all aircraft of all types, "- said the Director of Operations, Evgeni Protopopoff airport infrastructure.

The new runway will be able to send and receive aircraft with an interval of two minutes. This completely closes the needs of the new terminal, even with the emergence of new airlines.

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