The global car market — Russia in 7th place

According to preliminary estimates of Research "AUTOSTAT" in feather half of 2012, the global demand for new cars has increased by 7%. 6 months on all world markets was registered about 37.5 million cars and light commercial vehicles. Russia, with sales of 1.41 million vehicles took 7th place, but the dynamics of the Russian car while twice the global trend — 14.3%.

In the first place among the global car market is China. There, in the first half was sold 7.61 million new vehicles, which is 7.1% more than last year. In the U.S., sales of passenger cars and light trucks totaled 7.27 million units, which is 14.8% higher than the result of January-June 2011. In third place in Japan, where the background of last year’s "low base" as much as the market grew by 53.5% to 2.87 million vehicles.

Among the leading Russian car market are higher than Germany (1.74 million units)., Brazil (1.75 million units.) And India (1.43 million units).. And after we go to France (1.26 million units)., United Kingdom (1.18 million units)., Canada (864.9 thousand pcs.), Italy (814.2 thousand pcs.) And South Korea (690.1 thousand pcs.). "In the 12 leading world car market accounts for about 70% of the sales of new cars in the world", — said Sergey Tselikov, director of analytical agency "AUTOSTAT".

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