The glory of Russian arms makers!

As we are "bullied" over the AKS-74, but to break it and could not!


These events occurred in 1985 in the MMG, in one of the northern province of the DRA. PV units, motomangruppy in those years were in constant combat readiness or constant fighting — I do not know what to call it when the base mongruppy is under constant fire from small arms, and sometimes — from heavy machine guns and mortars, in any case, We were wrong. So we had no weapons lockable rooms. And as mongruppu could at any time to throw "to fight" the weapons and ammunition were at all time fighters. I, for example, automatic, BC, body armor and other personal belongings sappers were hanging on nails on the wall above the bed. That is walking in a mongruppe fighter with a machine gun in sneakers, shorts and a panama hat, no one questions did not call. Any dangerous, stupid games with weapons and ammunition nobody undertaken more. If such attempts were, then they themselves have been severely repressed fighters IGRUN forever messing discouraged. Apparently, therefore, injuries related to careless handling of weapons and ammunition, in mongruppe was not a single one!

Well. There was one in mongruppe fun. It was called the shooting "otsypnymi" cartridges. Otsypnoy chuck been made out pretty simple: — gently pulled out of the cartridge bullet commonly used for this machine stand flies or muzzle brake-compensator of the sleeve sleep off about half or two thirds of gunpowder, then a bullet inserted into the sleeve — all cartridge ready. He needed was a silencer. The sound of the shot so chuck around like a small-caliber rifle, and can be, and quieter. And if you shoot in the direction of minefields, the mongruppe shot was not heard. That’s it and the men amused themselves while on duty to protect mongruppy, shot by the banks, birds, ground squirrels, jackals.
On that day, I and my friend and fellow countryman Yuri, have served on one of the remote stations mongruppy. It was early summer morning. Nature was just beginning to wake up. I really wanted to eat! We soon had to change from the service, but breakfast was still four hours. Therefore Yurets decided after the shift, make breakfast person, and not from the hateful stew and roast ground squirrels! And if Yurets he decided, then it is useless to try to dissuade. And squirrels are awake and immediately swarmed nearby. Yurets and decided to shoot a couple of AK-74 (5.45 h39mm). Backfilled cartridge, drove him into the chamber machine crawled on parapet of the trench, vytselil game and … PSSSYK. Psyk This meant that the bullet stuck in the barrel. This has happened time and again, it’s not always by eye to determine the dose of gunpowder. That Yurets some sleep too much gunpowder, so the bullet does not have enough kinetic energy to leave the barrel. In general, the bullet in the barrel, it’s not a problem and is treated just depending on what is closer to the edge of the jammed bullet hole, she knocked a ramrod back into the chamber or through the muzzle and everything. So Yurets did.

Attempt number 1

Unloaded the machine, removed the ramrod, shoved him in the trunk of the muzzle and determined that the bullet was stuck closer to the cartridge chamber, right under the rib. Without thinking Yurets tapped on the head ramrod first hand — do not go. Took from a drawer a grenade F-1 (by the way the body of F-1 — a great hammer), tapped once, twice — with difficulty, but ramrod began to sink into the trunk, and then something fell out of the barrel. Looking at, but it’s not at all the bullet jacket and lead and steel core of a bullet. So the steel shell of the bullet was left in the trunk. — To fuck … stated Yurets and looked into the barrel. It is. Devil shell gleamed dully torn edges.

Guys we are technically educated, savvy and a heck, I even studied sopromat geeks! Therefore obmozgovat situation we have diagnosed that rasperlo shell in the barrel and it is firmly clung to the rifling of the barrel, cleaning rod that is too thin on the game and not be able to catch the shell, and can save the day cleaning rod from the trunk of 7.62 mm, moreover, for enhance the effect of ejecting a shell from the barrel I suggested using rubbing of 5.45 mm, but deploying it on his back in front. That is, there is one wiping edge with a slot for rags, but there is a second edge in the form of a tube with a thread to which it is screwed onto the cleaning rod. Here are this sharp at the edges of the tubular end and we pick up a (scrape off) wrapper from the walls of the barrel, as well as AKMov 7.62mm we do not, then we take a piece of cleaning rod from the FCT (it is 7.62 mm mounted on armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles) barrel He has a long and ramrod for cleaning assembled from pieces. So we will have ramrods dohrena.

Attempt number 2

About breakfast and the fries were forgotten. We changed from the service and immediately proceeded to the execution of the plan. From the side of the muzzle driven into the trunk rubbing tube forward, top piece cleaning rod inserted from the FCT. According to a ramrod quite beat even with a sledgehammer. Baggage for a long time. As a result, received a death jammed in the trunk of a tubular part rubbing. Part wiping cloth for slotted breaks off from the tubular part and has been removed from the barrel without problems. Now in the barrel and the shell was and rubbing …

Attempt number 3

We sat and smoked, turnips scratched and decided to go to hozvzvod Serege mechanic, he and a bunch of various instruments, and slesaryuga it from God.
Serge looked in the trunk shined a flashlight and turned a theory that we are out to listen to him did not, but offered to act. According to him to rub the budge and does not deform needs a sharp, hard blow. This will ensure the rigidity of the ball bearing equal to the diameter of the trunk. I really do not know of any technical calculations did this ball, well, a ball, so the ball just to help. The ball in the workshop found drove him into the trunk, on top of a ramrod, on top of a sledgehammer. After a few blows with a sledgehammer — bent the upper tip of the cleaning rod, and wiping do not move! Suddenly it dawned on the genius mechanic. It’s really simple. It is necessary to heat the barrel, the metal expands and the entire contents of the barrel will fly out.

Lit blowtorch warmed part of the trunk, where she was rubbing to yellow, while the trunk was transparent and was even seen rifling in the barrel and jammed rubbing. Again, the top ball, ramrod sledgehammer. I warmed a blowtorch, Serge in mittens holding automatic trunk up Yurets thrashed by a cleaning rod with a sledgehammer … — useless! When the barrel is cold, it turned out that the rib, which was located just above the heat, too, has heated up and cooled down gradually, and the spring that captures the sights to let go, that is has lost its elasticity, now rib dangling up and down as she would have it . But it was nothing compared to the fact to which I assumed came. Assumptions were sad and lay in the fact that the strong heating of the barrel, metal it became softer and when striking a hammer on a ramrod, and ramrod to turn on the ball, and the ball by rubbing, could deform inside, how would swell! Yurets after listening to my assumptions, concluded: "All that ass!". Took the gun and silently walked out of the studio.

Attempt number 4 — the last

While going from shop to our smoking room (there are usually cleaned weapons), rolled a couple of alternative solutions to the problem.

The first option, which we did not like much at once, assumed irrevocable damage of weapons, ie automatic write-off under. And was this: was scheduled to leave for tomorrow night ambush without shooting there clearly will not do
, so you can "accidentally left" on the parapet of the trench machine, and the gunner BMP "accidentally" sadanet of PKT machine on the receiver or "accidentally drop" Machine under BMP, exactly the receiver across gusyanki.

The second option involves the surrender Yurtsa to their political officer of our outposts, as head of the outpost was in the Union. But the surrender should be neat, with the provision of information by remote control. Namely, not about what shell in the barrel does not speak, and try to pass on the ears commissar about the fact that during the cleaning of the barrel broke off and rubbing tightly stuck in the trunk. He certainly did not believe it, but did not check.

The second option was preferable, since the decision to write off the machine as it passed on to the political officer. But! Yurtsu, and most likely, and I, as a partner, you still have to serve hard labor and still do not know what!

We decided to postpone the surrender Yurtsa after lunch, after dinner, as all kind and obliging. And to kill before dinner time, have engaged in bringing the machine in order. First of all it was necessary to remove traces of heating machine under the rib. Simple wiping with a cloth machine gun oil has destroyed all traces of what we pretty surprised. Burnishing the barrel does not suffer! Then the machine was thoroughly cleaned and assembled.

After lunch, went to give Yurets commissar. The conversation was not long, the political officer jumped out of the cockpit with a gun and went headlong into Nachmanu (Head of MMG-respected and revered by all, unquestioned authority among the soldiers, shaking his third term in the DRA). Political officer was, though young, but quirky. That their military schools that teach there? He immediately turned the arrow to address the problem on the shoulders Nachmana — all ingenious is simple.

After a few minutes with the political officer Nachmanom appeared in our smoking room. Nachman once again asked the Yurtsa that is actually in the trunk. Yurets stood his ground — the rub! Nachman with the words: "Give the cartridge, now let’s see what there." With the dexterity of a magician pulled a bullet out of the cartridge (who tried it, confirm that it is not easy to do), drove the sleeve into the chamber, raised his head above the machine and fired. We squinted, expecting the most terrible — break barrel. But there was an ordinary full-time shot just rubbing, moving away at the mortar trajectory toward a nearby village, squealed like a ballistic missile on takeoff! Nachman disassembled machine, looked in the trunk, "Son! Otsypnymi fired? Give Chuck. " Extracted the bullet from the barrel, but this time in Dultsev sleeve tightly scored a piece of stick. Drove the sleeve into the chamber. Raised the gun and fired. The shell with a howl went to heaven after wiping. Nachman disassembled machine, looked in the trunk and giving automatic Yurtsu said, "Ha, okay. Once again I get caught, I’ll …..! "Nachman has always been a master of strong language! But for some reason I drew attention to the word "… get caught …".

When a curious split of the smoking room, grabbed Yurets cleaning rod and repeatedly rubbed the barrel, looked at him and with square eyes gives me a machine, "look at." I looked in the trunk and ofigel. The trunk in place of heating was pristine polished! No scratches, no dents!

Spring under the rear sight we then replaced. With this machine Yurets served until muster, he shot out of the can 100, and maybe more shops and no problems! The glory of Russian arms makers!

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