The government has planned the development of the aviation industry

The Russian government has prepared a plan for the development of the aviation industry until 2015. For its implementation will require more than 250 billion rubles: 180 000 000 000 incorporated in the federal budget, even 70 billion is expected to attract extra-budgetary sources. In addition to direct production and subsequent certification of aircraft, aircraft engines and equipment, the plan provides for financial assistance to the industry. Most of the funds be redistributed between the large integrated structures, "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC) and controlled by GK "Rostekhnadzor" corporations. 

Ordinance on the implementation plan for the development of the aviation industry in 2013-2015 within the framework of the State Program "Development of the aviation industry in the years 2013-2025" previously signed by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Now the document (available in the disposal of "Aviaport") must be posted at the Industry and Trade Ministry. The government believed that the execution of the plan "will provide the basis for effective monitoring and control" of the government program. Expert community notes that a significant part of the financial recovery of enterprises provides for the aviation industry, and much of the funds allocated under the plan, will go to repay old debt.

Tangible result

As for the development, testing, certification and commissioning of new equipment, the document suggests, for example, that by the end of 2013 must be certified by European standards modification of the Be-200. And this move experts say one of the most important and useful in terms of pledged.

Much attention is given to the prospects of the project document creation MS-21. Was also expected by the end of this year will have developed a working design documentation (RCD) in the plane of MS-21-300 engines Pratt & Whitney (RKD for the installation of domestic PD-14, it is expected to be ready by the fall of 2014). By the end of next year should be made prototype aircraft for fatigue and static testing. By the end of 2015 should see four flight model aircraft MS-21. Earlier, representatives of the KLA and Developer MS-21 — Corporation "Irkut" — promised that all work on the project will be completed on time. As the president said, "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko, four prototypes are already in operation. And three of the four — year olds.

At the same time, the government is planning to work on a PD-14 engine development Permian "Aviadvigatel" that the aircraft will be equipped later. The party experienced engine must be made by December 2014. A year later planned terrestrial bench and flight certification testing of PD-14 and prepare documentation to evidence its certification. Previously CEO of UEC Vladislav Masalov said that at present the first sample-engine technology demonstrator already assembled on the Perm "aircraft engines" and passed the test. According to his expectations, the engine can be put to the test in December of this year and the start of flight testing will be possible by the middle of 2014. According to him, "Aircraft Engine" has already filed an application for certification PD-14 Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, to begin international certification developer plans to the end of the year. In UEC "AviaPort" confirmed that stated in the document are planning to meet deadlines.

As for the helicopter, by the end of this year, according to plan, you plan to assemble the first prototype of the Mi-38 OP-4 with TV7-117V. By September 2015, it must be certified. Earlier it was reported that to date the third prototype prototype of the helicopter should be relocated to the flight-test facility for ground and flight tests, the fourth and final test batch, the Mi-38 will be built at the end of 2013 and will fly in 2014.

It is also the dynamic development of the project Ka-62 by the end of the year is planned construction of an additional flight model of the helicopter, in the end will be held next flight certification testing by September 2015 is planned to develop design documentation for the expansion conditions of the helicopter. Program certification flights Ka-62 was agreed in the spring of 2013. According to the company, by the end of the year is planned to produce three prototypes. The holding "Helicopters of Russia" also confirmed that the plan to meet deadlines, and that the funding allocated for the implementation of planned enough. "The document reflects all that we do within FCP. When such programs are written, they are certainly consistent with the industry. Course, we all have time to date. On the work that has been done, we will report back to the Max" — said " AviaPort "in the" Helicopters of Russia ".

Electronic paradise

Big plans for the government to establish and certify integrated complex avionics (OEE). By the end of this year to build and start testing the first sample to the end of the next — to conduct certification tests and obtain the approval of the IAC, by the end of 2015 — to prepare the evidentiary documentation for certification standards EASA. The complex is owned by the forces created by GK "Rostekhnadzor" structure — Concern "Radio-electronic equipment" (KRET). The included KRET "Aviapribor-holding" in April this year, has signed a contract with the Ministry of Industry of prototyping equipment for the integrated complex avionics based on modular avionics (IMA IKBO). In KRET say that at the present time samples manufactured equipment, and it stands for debugging. "IKBO IMA will be supplied including the promising Russian aircraft MS-21. Moreover, it is planned to offer JSC" UAC "supply of equipment designed for multi-purpose transport aircraft MTA, Sukhoi Superjet NG, and" Helicopters of Russia "- looking for speed and light helicopters "- explained" AviaPort "in the holding.

Serial production of avionics is scheduled to begin during 2016-2017. The share of the domestic advanced avionics in the aircraft at this time would be about 50% in value terms. According to preliminary estimates, this will bring Russian producers to 17-18 billion rubles. The importance of international certification of equipment in a holding account for interest on the part of foreign customers’ equipment is designed to meet the requirements of international standards and can be mounted on foreign aircraft. Among the several developed systems and devices are already showing interest in foreign companies. This is, in particular, the technical systems view, navigation aids, smart meter and cabin control panels, "- said the representative of the company.

Small, but a lot of

Together with the Reference and clearly understood the plans, the paper also describes some of the less concretized ideas, such as the creation of a prototype demonstrator aircraft for local airlines in two "multi-purpose spaces for up to 15-19" and "speed up to 19 seats." According to some experts, in an attempt to create new types of Russian aircraft, while continuing problems with the SSJ-100, and the project is not implemented MS-21, is not rational. Especially, according to international practice, the sale of aircraft for domestic air must be "wholesale". For example, the company estimates Beechcraft, which created a series of turboprop aircraft of different capacities King Air, the project aircraft for local airlines came to return, you
must sell annually more than 300 cars. Given the extensive plans for localization in Russian-made aircraft of this type of foreign manufacturers, the feasibility of creating another model is questionable.

Developments in debt

In any case, it is only one part of the plan. The second, equally large-scale implies a direct impact on the financial condition of aircraft manufacturers: KLA and some businesses "Oboronprom". In particular, it has restructured its loan obligations "NPO" Saturn. "In 2014-2015, the company expected to recoup part of the cost of paying interest on the loan, which" Vsheshekonombank "attracted to the restructuring. Provided funding for the investment program in engine SaM-146 this and next year, as well as to reduce the losses of starting the sales of these engines in 2014. UAC provides for compensation of expenses for payment of coupon yield on bonds borrowed for debt restructuring with the provision of state guarantees in 2010. assumed as reducing the financial burden on "Oboronprom" maintenance bonds raised for the development of the program to create the PD-14 engine.

"Much of the plan is somehow connected with the compensation cost of financing old debts. This is dangerous: in a very limited scale lending money" washed out "equity. Essentially, the state at the expense of the development of industry compensates its earlier losses and expenses" — says the Deputy Director General of the IR document "Region" Anatoly Jodorowsky.

Total plan involves funding of $ 254 000 000 000 070 000 000 579.25 rubles. Of these, 182 000 000 000 058 000 000 875,50 rubles budgeted, planned to raise 72 million 011 thousand 703.75 rubles. It is assumed that the total amount of funding the state program to 2025 will amount to 1 trillion 705 billion 510 million 537 thousand rubles, of which the federal budget has 1 trillion 207 billion 683 million 191 thousand rubles, and on-budget sources — 497 billion 827 million 346 thousand . rubles. Source: Catherine tropic / / AviaPort.Ru
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